White Feather Chiropractic of Franklin TN Promotes Quality Sleep

White Feather Chiropractic Full Service Chiropractic Office with Service to Franklin TN and Surrounding Area is Educating the Public on Improving Quality of Sleep




(FRANKLIN, TN) White Feather Chiropractic, a Tennessee based chiropractic office, is promoting better quality sleep through life style choices and chiropractic care. Located in Franklin, Dr. Chance Moore is a chiropractic physician that utilizes a gentle no pop no crack technique called Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT). Dr. Moore’s application of DNFT results in pain relief and prevention with no frightening jolts or twists and may help allow patients to get some much needed rest. Dr. Moore’s existing patients in four states have benefited from DNFT and experienced reduced headaches, foot pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and other symptoms.


Dr. Chance Moore uses the DNFT analyses to determine the cause of the problem by checking each body tissue such as bones, ligaments, and discs individually and correcting each separately. This allows much lower force adjustments and a high level of precision. What this means for the patient is a more comfortable and very thorough adjustment that meets their body’s individual need.


“I work with each patient to determine what may be causing their Sleep your way to a healthier youand develop a plan that addresses their particular issues.” says Dr. Moore. “It is our mission at White Feather to alleviate sources of pain, nutritional imbalances, or other factors that are inhibiting the patient’s sleep.”


About White Feather Chiropractic

White Feather Chiropractic is a holistic low force chiropractic clinic in the Middle Tennessee area. Dr. Chance Moore is a chiropractic physician that utilizes a gentle no popping no cracking technique called Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) and other approaches to address your health concerns.

There will be a free Health talk on improving quality of sleep  at the location below on Friday, April 14  5:00pm.


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